Printed magnets area great way to get your business details in front of your customers. We supply both smaller fridge magnets or more robust magnets for the side of vehicles.

Our fridge magnets comprise of 0.4mm commercial grade magnets, and have an overall completed thickness of 0.6mm. Each magnet is finished with a gloss or matte celloglaze for protection. Magnets can be produced in a range of standard sizes including:

90 x 55mm 210 x 95mm 75 x 75mm
Circular – 70mm 40 x 40mm 90 x 90mm
Circular – 90mm 50 x 50mm A6 (148 x 105)
50 x 70mm A5 (210 x 148)

Car magnets (which can also be used for other outdoor applications) can be a practical alternative to vehicle stickers where more flexible branding is required; being removable it can be used on multiple vehicles or sites, or where messages are frequently changed. Our car magnets use a thicker 0.8mm magnetic stock, and are weatherproof and UV resistant. We can supply car magnets in the following standard sizes:

200 x 400mm 200 x 600mm 250 x 500mm
250 x 600mm 300 x 300mm 300 x 450mm
300 x 600mm 400 x 600mm 450 x 600mm
300 x 1200mm 600 x 1200mm