Our screen printing services include both garments and flat-bed products (e.g. stickers, corflutes). We can also supply a range of garments at very reasonable rates (tee shirts, hi vis work shirts etc) thereby giving our customers a one stop shop for garment supply and printing.

One question that people often ask is, why screen printing? The answer is, it depends on what you’re trying to do. Screen printing is usually the most cost effective printing approach whenever larger quantities of reproduction are required, but is less cost effective for “one off” items. Screenprinting generally affords a more durable result than digitally printed methods because the cured inks are more stable, and the deposit of ink onto the materials is thicker. At Screenprint Dynamics, we understand all the subtleties of screen printing application, technique and material choice, which allows us to help you match the best printing approaching to meet your needs.